Major Educational Resource 1914FACES2014

David H. Jones writes:

Dear friends and colleagues
Educational resources related to the 1914FACES2014 project have now been published, and are available online here.

Please feel to download and to use these for educational purposes. Please also pass on details to anyone who may be interested. The resources can be used freely; we simply ask that 1914FACES2014 is acknowledged and that people let us know when they are used.
We hope to develop the resources further in due course. Please do get in touch if you know of anyone who would be interested in using them in class.
The recordings of the keynotes from the FACES conference are now online via the Exeter YouTube channel. See below for links.
All best wishes,

Conference Keynotes

Prof Bernard Devauchelle, Institut Faire Faces

La Chirurgie nouvelle (or the birth of cosmetic surgery)

James Partridge (Founder and Chief Executive, Changing Faces),

“Facial disfigurement and fairness: a journey… from Sidcup to today and tomorrow…”

Louisa Young, 
‘My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You that I have received a Slight/Serious Wound…. ‘: A novelist’s approach to the human, individual and family experience of maxillofacial reconstruction in WWI.

Dr Suzannah Biernoff, Birkbeck, University of London
85 Portraits of War

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