Festival of Facialities

Welcome to the 2017 Effaced from History? Summer Festival of Facialities!

Effaced from History? aims to expose and examine how facial disfigurement has been conceived, represented, responded to, and affected the lives of people since antiquity. Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring guest posts from a number of postgraduate and early career scholars to showcase some of the exciting research being undertaken on facial difference in a range of disciplines and contexts.

As part of the festival, the Effaced from History? group is proud to announce the launch of a new book series with Bloomsbury PublishingFacialities: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Human Face. The first volume of this series will be a volume derived from contributions to the 2016 Effaced from History conference, entitled Approaching Facial Difference: Past and Present, edited by Patricia Skinner and Emily Cock. The volume will be published in early 2018, and we will be previewing chapters here over the next few weeks among the festival posts. While the pre-order is available for those who are very keen, right now we can debut the snazzy cover:

Approaching Faccial Difference cover

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