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Ears and Breasts?

A tenuous link, perhaps, but I was intrigued by this interview with Timmie Jean Lindsey, a resident of Texas who in 1962 became the first woman to receive silicon breast implants. An interesting story in itself, but for our purposes made more … Continue reading

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First Impressions Last….

Guest blogger and Effaced associate Michelle Webb (PhD project at Exeter: ‘As fowle a ladie as the smale pox could make her’: facial disfigurement in sixteenth and seventeenth century England) writes: On November 10th 2016 the Centre for eighteenth-century studies … Continue reading

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Disease, Disability, Chronic Pain

Just back from the 10th Disease, Disability and Medicine conference in Swansea, where there was a distinct trend to challenge physical and mental impairments as the defining identifier of the individuals and communities discussed. Of particular interest to Effaced was the glimpse … Continue reading

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Mollie Dorsey Sanford’s flying wax tooth.

We all know now that George Washington’s false teeth weren’t really made of wood. According to Willliam M. Etter, Washington’s dentures were comprised of ivory (including hippopotamus), human and animal teeth, metal and lead. At the time he became President, … Continue reading

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