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Maurice Tillet

On Saturday I encountered the life-sized bust of Maurice Tillet in the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago, Illinois. This was completed by Louis Linck in 1950, and shows the effect of the acromegaly that Tillet developed in his 20s. According … Continue reading

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Effaced Fieldtrip: Lady Mary May’s Statue in West Sussex

At the recent Death, Art and Anatomy conference, a paper given by Jude Jones from the University of Southampton introduced us to the unique funerary statue of Lady Mary May (1640–1681). Lady May’s statue is of particular interest to us … Continue reading

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Effaced: the missing noses of classical antiquity

The project group had its inaugural meeting in Cardiff on 17 October 2016 to brainstorm, discuss themes and plan for the project’s future directions. Below, Mark Bradley (Department of Classics, University of Nottingham) discusses the sort of thing we’ll be … Continue reading

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